Monday, January 26, 2009

Good times at Indie I Do

It was fun to be a part of Vancouver's first "alternative" wedding show Indie I Do. Burlesque performers, tattooed photographers, corset wedding dresses all added to the fun, relaxed feel of the show. Once again, Lotus Events did a fine job of organizing and Heritage Hall looked great.

One of the burlesque performers and the announcer rocked some of my jewelry. I was promoting the OAK One-of-A-Kind line and the idea that you can have your grandmother's jewelry re-made into something more contemporary you would like to wear. (see post below).

And I tried out a new display for my booth area. I've had a folding screen kicking around for a while. I found it (free) outside a church on the west side and then added the fabric. For the show, I scanned a gold frame I have, added the images of the jewelry, printed them out and hand cut around the edges. Double sided tape and voila!

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