Monday, February 9, 2009

Instant Coffee on Main Street.

I usually walk up Main St every day of the week, because my studio is at 21st and Main. I'll walk from the studio to 25th to go to the post office, and/or up to 29th to get Chai at East is East. (Best. Chai. Ever!), Recently on my strolls, I noticed bright orange sandwich boards with cryptic says that are permantly bolted to the side walk. Whaaaa?

It turns out they are the work of an artist collective called Instant Coffee.

The entire installation involves an bus wrapped in a blanket, and my personal favorite - full spectrum lights in the bus shelter at Main and 21st! THAT is so totally what Vancouver needs in the winter! Called Light Bar Bus Shelter, Instant Coffee has adapted the Main and 20th bus shelter into a full spectrum light therapy bar and only fifteen minutes at the bus shelter is all you need for your daily dose of vitamin D!
The entire installation is called 88 BLOCKS • Art on Main. It's a three year public art program for Main Street in Vancouver, BC with five planned exhibitions. I look forward to the next installation.

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