Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One super fantastic thing about living in Vancouver is that you can cycling around all weekend & head to all the free stuff going on. I swear people who call Vancouver "No Fun City" just haven't been on a bike for a long time.

Two weekends ago, a bunch of us rode over to the west side for Greek Fest. Admission; Free. We managed to stuff our faces with souvlaki, beer, tiropita, baklava, tsatsiki, frapés and topped it all off with a rum ball or two. Free, no, but surprisingly affordable. The resulting belly ache was free though.
This past weekend was especially eventful because our good friend Jessica is gracing us with a rare visit. She's been in Kuwait and more recently Istanbul working as an international teacher and her last visit back was 3 years ago. It's been quite facinating to hear her stories and I've been bombarding her with questions about living in Kuwait as a western woman. Basically it blows. Istanbul is a much better fit for her.

Anywho... After consuming bacon and both breakfast and lunch, I loaned Jess my other bike and we headed off to Jazzfest in Gastown. Cost; Free. Ok, to be honest, there wasn't a whole lot of music we wanted to hang around for, we mostly heard the noodley-noodley jazz type of music that makes me cringe. So we grabbed a beer and met up with Jess's friend Mary - also an international teacher formerly based in Thailand.

It was such a nice day we decided to grab some bevvies and head to this little spot on a pier in Coal Harbour. As we were sitting there with our cocktails, a wedding party getting their photos taken stopped right in front of us.From June to September, you can go to any beach in Vancouver and you will be guaranteed to run into wedding parties getting photos done. I guess it happens in a lot of big, picturesque cities, but I've always found it odd, (yet entertaining).

The guy in the background is not looking impressed.

On Sunday, it was another nice day so we decided to ride to Third Beach via the classic ride around the Stanley Park seawall. Jess said it had been probably 7 years since she'd done that. Cost; Free.

As we're all laying there in various states of suntanning . . . suddenly a wedding party . . . getting their photos taken. Odd. But entertaining.

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