Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Etsy Visits Vancouver!

Last night was the much anticipated Etsy meetup. Three people from etsy graced us with their presence; Matt, Anda and Etsy's Chief Executive Officer, Maria.

Matt and Anda are both old school etsyians who've been around for ages - Matt since the very beginning. Maria has been brought in more recently and it was impressive to hear her past credentials with and other big companies. I got to chat with all three visiting "dignitaries." Anda has that funny/quirky quality to her that I am always drawn to. She's got a great laugh and some amazing tattoos. Matt is the rockstar of etsy - he's charming, has great style and used to be in the band The French Kicks. And Maria was, of course, very business-like and professional in a laid back, likable way.

Overall, Maria did most of the talking, she's a very good public speaker and addressed each and every question thrown at her. It seemed to me that the general theme to be a bit on the defensive. She was emphasizing all of the changes that have been made, upcoming changes and new features. I guess there's been a lot of complaints/concerns.

Personally, I've never had many complaints with etsy. Maybe a few, years ago when it was first starting out. But I've mostly found it easy to use, easy to navigate and ridiculously affordable to set up a functioning on-line shop. Yay etsy!

It was a pretty good turnout, about 65 people all together. It was held at the super cute Cambrian Hall, where I put on the Green Christmas market last year. It has great light and the sun was streaming in all "aaaaaahhhhhhhhh" through the windows. Kind of church-like. Yessssssss, the church of etsy.

I ran out of the cute name tags I ordered from etsy's PacoKeko

and it was great to see some old friends and meet new crafty people.
Oh, and you are wondering where I the cute top - it's by Peel Designs and I got at at Dream.


Crafty Girl said...

I can't believe I missed this Etsy meeting! Not following closely enough I guess - didn't know it was happening.
I setup shop recently on Etsy and not having much success yet but soon I hope. I saw your HOT LABEL bit in LouLou today and wanted to ask about what craft fairs you're involved in? I have done a few around Vancouver.

Anonymous said...

nice blog peice and shots. it was nice to meet you!
-sandy (aka firefly notes)

tanisalexis said...

christi, XO mwah!! what a great write up! Love the pics and your point of view. also loved to be your seat buddy that night!
see you soon sweets. we should make a plan to do a wee etsy meetup some time before the Fall.

lulidesigns said...

Great write up about the night. It was super interesting to be able to be there and I hope there are more meet ups in the future.