Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I heart designers using sustainable materials

While I was selling my jewels this past September at the Calgary Portobello West market, I got a chance to roam around a bit and discovered some great designers using eco-friendly/sustainable materials in their designs.

It's a theme close to my heart, as the developer of the Green Christmas Market here in Vancouver.

First up is the one I was most excited to see. Abeego! Designer Toni Desrosiers came up with the idea for a re-usable, sustainable, food-safe alternative to plastic wrap! She impregnates hemp/cotton fabric with natural beeswax. I bought some and it works like a charm. Just rinse off in cold soapy water after use - hot will melt the wax. Plastic is the devil and this makes it a little easier to get away from using it.

I also bought a snappy striped hat from Happy Planet Hats. They make super cute fabric hats with perfect little brims and they are all made with recycled fabrics. What's not to love?
Lastly, I totally heart Natalie Gerber bags! I got one of her evening bags at last years market, it's made from upholstery fabric off-cuts. This year, I was struck with these fantastic bags made from thrifted men's suits of all things. Even the tie is used!
Designer's like this are so inspiring to me. They're not just being eco because they are hand-making things, they are totally taking it to the next level by using sustainable materials. That's commitment.

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