Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday images . . .

Thought I'd share a few of my favorite shots from the Christmas / Holiday season. Just for fun . . .
Vintage chandelier crystals and twinkle lights up in the studio.

Beautiful veggie plate I made for our friend's Christmas party. I know, I know, vegetables at Christmas? But it's so nice to have a palate cleanser when all those sugary treats are around. Homemade hummus too.

The traditional human pyramid that happens at our christmas party every year. Don't ask me how that got started, I actually have no idea. This year it happened at 11:00 sharp, so no one was tooooo wasted.

Me and my folks on Christmas day in Victoria, BC.

Took the Clipper down to Seattle on Boxing Day to visit bestest friends, John and Kellie. They have an open door policy when it comes to urban wildlife.

And a pet duck.

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wow! that duck looks like he's about to order a latte!