Friday, January 22, 2010

umm, the olympics and stuff . . .

Ok - I am kind of excited for the Olympics. I'm having a hard time imagining how little ol' Vancouver will explode with people though. I was just dropping off a load of jewels at Fine Finds and the owner was saying that they will be open from 10am to midnight every day! Plus, they and a bunch of other Yaletown businesses will have tents set up right outside the Canada Line station that will be open until midnight as well.

I thought it would be kind of fun to go work there for a couple of days a week during the Olympics - so I'm gonna! I'm mostly interested in meeting people from Europe, then becoming best friends and then they will invite me to come stay with them at their homes. Yes. This will happen.

Jane (owner) told me that they expect 550,000 people to be walking through Yaletown during the duration of the games. And they are staying open until midnight because the nearby live music venues and BC place events all get out at 11:00pm, so about 150,000 drunk people will spill out of these venues around 11pm. Yikes!

I've made a few special "souvenier of Canada" pieces that fit right into the BuenoStyle line. They're made with vintage and antique Canadian coins and I think they are pretty darn cute. Oh - and some rings and necklaces made from vintage military buttons. CUTE!

These pieces will only be available at Fine Finds and and Dream. Oh - I'm also going to go work for Dream a couple of days too. Come say HI!

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tanisalexis said...

those Canadian pieces are sooo excellent!!! :) love 'em. I think the tourists will too! ;)