Wednesday, January 7, 2009

beautiful decay

My heart skips a beat when I am walking through a back alley and discover something like this: I'm a sucker for broken down texture and abandoned objects that, to me, take on a life of their own as objets d'art. This piece is a large, decaying landscape painting left in the snow against the dumpster in a back alley behind my apartment - soaking wet, faded and rotting away from the ornate wood frame. I'll spare you the wide shots showing the "yellow snow" it was leaning on. Luckily, the painting (probably a print really) lay in 2 large torn pieces so I gingerly put them together on some (clean) snow and you can see the faded landscape in it's entirety.

If you are a fan of decaying texture like this, check out this flickr group.

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