Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vancouver Folk Fest

I go to Folk Fest every year. The music is not nearly as "folky" as the name implies, it ranges from world to folk to - well, this year Arrested Development closed the Friday night (Yes - they are still together!). Mostly I go down there with a bunch of friends, bring some bevvies and park it on the beach with a few thousand other people. It's pretty much the best people watching of the year. Aged hippies mix with earnest eco-youngsters, Kootenay queens, hoopers, families and people just generally letting their freak flag fly. The main stage faces out to the inlet and you can hear everything, just a wire fence separates those who paid to get in from those who sit on the beach for free.

Went down on Sunday by myself and it was lovely. I was leaning against the wire fence watching Veda Hille and others perform The Craigslist Contata, when a rather cut dude with gangsta tats walked straight up to me and offered me a free wristband to get into the festival. I was a bit confused. Me? (gingham summer dress)... taking a wristband from you? (tattoos, ripped, and SILVER TOOTH)?

Gah - OK - thanks!

So for the first time ever, I went *inside* the fence!
I'm happy to report that there is nothing but magic and unicorns and rainbows inside the perimeter of that wire fence. Also some more hula hoops, plus a beer garden. Pretty much heaven.

I had wanted to see The Great Lake Swimmers close out the Sunday night on the small stage - so - perfect!

Sorry about the crotch shot at the end. I don't know how to edit video on my computer!

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