Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner to dye for

The other day, I got this random email from an "international team based in Sweden" researching the Slow Fashion movement. I'm sorry, what?

"Our research focuses on how to strengthen and bring momentum to the Slow Fashion movement. We are working to ensure Slow Fashion's move towards sustainability is strategic and accessible. If you are a fashion designer, brand, retailer, buyer, or manufacturer, this is an opportunity for you to take part in meaningful academic research."

Oh. Okay. I'll take your survey.

I also researched their website to make sure it wasn't some kind of *really* elaborate scam, and I came across a video titled "Dinner to dye for". Basically, a group of designers and chefs got together to create an event where the same foods for the dinner also provided dyes for some textiles earlier in the day. I love this idea! They held a workshop earlier in the dye where participants could experiment with dying fabric with natural dyes. Then later in the evening, dinner was served using some of the same ingredients as was used in the dyes.

In case you don't watch until the end of the video, it looks like the people at permacouture (awesome name) were some of the people behind it. San Francisco. Bunch'a hippies - Love IT!

On a related note, I did the Portobello West market this past weekend and I ran into a former jewelry instructor, Sarah Groves, showcasing her Blue Box jewelry line. She has been experimenting with using natural materials to make different patina finishes on silver and copper. Check out her ambassadors! A lot of patina/antiquing processes can be toxic and polluting, so it's great to see her experimenting with natural methods, as well as sharing her knowledge.

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Crystal said...

Hey Christi!

We are so glad you ended up checking out the Slow Fashion Forward blog and found something you liked!

We know some of the emails were random because we are on super speed mode to complete our research phase of the report. :)

Thank you for contributing and we love your jewelry!

Crystal from the Slow Fashion FWD team