Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Olympics sucked for a lot of local businesses.

Yup. Big time. I've chatted with a lot of retailers outside the downtown core and they said that business was down as much as 40% over February last year. And LAST February sucked. The big party was happening downtown, so if you had a shop near one of the big fun zones then you were all set. But if you owned a shop in one of the neighbourhoods outside of downtown, bidness was waaaaay down.

I guess that's what happens when you throw an organized world party - they funneled people into certain areas. And everyone wanted to be in those areas. Not to say it wasn't fun. The Olympics transformed Vancouver like nothing ever has. Going downtown was like visiting a different city.

So, yes, it was fun! See - here we are having fun!

OK - we were recreating the moment Canada won the gold in men's hockey, as we were too busy actually cheering to take any photos *when* it really happened. But I digress...

The only businesses in my neighbourhood that were busier were places like the above local watering hole (The Five Point) showing the events on big screen TV's. So here's my shout out to y'all to remember the small businesses in your neighbourhood. They need your support, or they will have to close and you'll have another Starbucks or Subway in your 'hood.

I'm talking about 'hoods like Cambie Village, Commercial Drive, and Main St. Here is a great source for local businesses: Modern Urban Guides. Support the local!

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