Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 2010 was a blast!

Yes, February was indeed a blast! So much so, I only had time for one blog post! I had all sorts of plans to blog about all the Olympic shenanigans, but in between working part time, getting my spring 2010 orders out, and all the events going on, there simply wasn't enough time.

Here's two of many cool things that happened in February;

On the night of the opening ceremonies, we grabbed out bikes and sprinted down to the "cauldron" just in time to see Wayne Gretsky pull up in the back of a truck with the olympic torch. As you can see from my face above, I believe that's when I officially caught "olympic fever'.

The other great thing was some press in the Vancouver Sun newspaper that showcased one of my "Canadiana" creations, alongside several other very talented local designers. The article was suggesting alternatives to the mass produced souvenirs available. They printed a photo, which is not on the on-line version - so here's the image.
Pretty cool! Other pieces in the Canadiana collection include jewelry made from vintage Canadian military buttons.

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